Slot Machine Jackpot: Win Big

Slot machine jackpot is waiting!

Jackpot is the word that lighted sparkles in many eyes. Why? Slot machine jackpot is the impressive amount of money that a winner gets by hitting the slot combination that wins or a bonus round.

In order to increase the possibility of hitting that particular combination or triggering a bonus round, the player should bet the maximum number of coins per reel. Jackpot slots vary in denominations you can bet from 1 cent to 100 dollars or even more. Slots with the largest denominations can potentially provide bigger slot machine jackpot and create a high limit area, which is separated from the rest of the casino floor. So play in online video slots in your home.

Types of slot machine jackpot

There are two types of jackpot:

  • Non-progressive. The amount of the reward is fixed and do not increase gradually. The maximum possible amount is stated at the paytable in coins and the bigger it is, the less possibility of winning there is;
  • Progressive. The amount of the reward starts with a fixed value and increases every time the slot is played without winning. The sum that is added to the jackpot pool each time is predetermined, and this pool links together multiple slots or even casinos to grow faster and bigger. Once the jackpot is won, its value goes down again to the set minimum;
  • Standalone. This is the progressive jackpot without the interconnected pool, linked only to a particular slot.

Most casinos offer all these types of winnings, and therefore players can try each and decide, which they favor most.

Types of jackpot slots

Today the casino world offers huge variety of slot machines that can be classified as:

  1. 3 to 5 reel classic slots with three or five paylines. The player has to bet the maximum number of coins to receive the possibility of getting slot machine jackpot, for example, in double jackpot slots, the bet should bet only one payline on each of three reels;
  2. video slots. There are multiple paylines from 9 up to 1024. Slots use a particular theme for each game applying music, video and image effects and have bonus rounds for additional chances of winning. The slots jackpot depends on the amount of money bet and increases along with it.
  3. video poker. The player bets on the set of images that match the winning poker hand and there can be from 1 to 100 and even more such hands.

All these types are represented online and free, so that all beginners can firstly try their luck in winning the fictional game jackpot.

“Golden” slots for slot machine jackpot

The most popular progressive jackpot slot is Mega Moolah. It has 5 reels with 25 paylines and offers a Wheel of Fortune-like bonus round.

Among other slots with the biggest progressive jackpot are Space Venture, Road Hogs, Melon Madness, and Loot Enkhamun.

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